We are a community that is striving to be a safe place to share about mental health struggles and find support from others who care or have experienced similarly, to eliminate the stigma, and to connect students to the right resources. Many athletes have courageously shared their stories about mental health at our weekly gatherings.

“Most student-athletes do not seek out help for mental health issues, reporting 33 percent of college students show significant signs of depression. Only 10 percent of student-athletes look for help, compared to 30 percent of non-student-athletes.”


Read this article from Athletes in Action on breaking the silence and stigma on mental health.

Book: Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray

This is a short and easy read that gives a balanced and compassionate treatment of depression/anxiety in a Christian context. Written for those struggling and for friends and family who want to know how to support well those who struggle.

Grace Alliance: a non-profit that strives to provide simple and innovative Christian mental health resources and programs for families and individuals experiencing mental health challenges and to equip the Body of Christ with active community support and leadership tools. They have a blog as well as some workbooks for individual, one-on-one, or small groups.


Berkeley Christian Counselors

  • Many staff and students in the past have used this and found helpful. They do not want finances to be a hindrance and can work something out, whatever your situation.

First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley
McKinley Hall, 3rd Floor
2407 Dana Street
Berkeley, CA 94704 
(510) 548-5858 

UC Berkeley

UHS Tang Center
2222 Bancroft Way #4300(link is external)
Berkeley, CA 94720

Phone: (510) 642-9494